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The better way to avoid the lack of crucial nutrients is to include a variety of natural products into the menu. However, dietary supplements are an excellent way to support healthy living.

Benefits of zinc (Zn).

Zinc is considered to be an essential mineral for a strong immune system. However, everybody should know that
… in the human body, zinc is mainly found in the brain, in the liver, in the kidneys. But a high concentration of zinc is located in the prostate and the eyes;
… Zn is crucial for men’s health. Lack of this mineral can cause low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction;
…zinc affects many hormones synthesis- it makes this mineral essential for the endocrine system.

Coenzyme Q10 benefits

Almost 95% of energy in the human body is produced with the participation of CoQ10. Even though the body produces this substance by itself, aging (45+) leads to a severe decline in the Q10 coenzyme. Studies show that CoQ10 supplement intake could slow down neurodegenerative brain diseases and protect the entire nervous system from age-connected changes …..

Vitamin C and strength immunity- what we ought to know …

In today’s situation, when humankind copes with dangerous viruses – there is a widely spread opinion that an enormous dose of vitamin C could magically stimulate the immune system and bring the best protection against viruses. But looking for supplements with a huge concentration of vitamin C, we must take to account two important points:
… strength of the immune system depends on various vitamins and dietary mineral (not only vitamin C), and without them, the immune defense can not be effective enough;
… taking high doses of vitamin C over a period of time may result in the development of … continue reading ….


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Benefits of magnesium

Magnesium is considered to be the most essential mineral for stable heart functioning. However, everybody should know that magnesium extremely vital for all body systems- nervous system, blood vessels, endocrine system ….

Potassium benefits. High potassium foods.

Are there health benefits in a pot of ash?
Maybe it sounds strange, but we are talking about one of the crucial minerals for our body. Potassium (comes from the word “potash”) was extracted by soaking ash of plants in a pot of water. This mineral is vital for the normal functioning of all … Read more…

Why the body needs sodium. How much sodium per day do we need?

Whether ancient mummy has a headache?
It is a stupid question. But somehow historically, headache and Egyptian mummies have a connection with the matter of our article. Please, read our article and figure out the connection between Sodium (Na) and headache and Egyptian mummies.

What is Folic Acid?

Important to know that
… depression can be a result of this folic acid deficiency;
… fertility, both females and males depends on this nutrient;
…. anemia is another serious result of folic acid deficiency.

What the role of calcium in the body?

In case we do not consume enough calcium with the diet, the body compensates it by taking it from the bones. Continuous revoke calcium from the bones will result in dramatic bones and teeth weakening.

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Here you can find our articles, related to vitamins, dietary minerals, food supplements, and so on

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Dietary minerals

Learn more about dietary minerals, natural sources, and health problems caused by minerals deficiency or over-consumption …

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Learn more what vitamins are, what disorders might cause deficiency of each vitamin, what natural products should we consume to avoid vitamin deficiency. Find out interesting information about the discovery of the vitamins …

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What are vitamins?

Do you know the answer to the following questions:
What are vitamins? What a simple way to avoid vitamin deficiency?
What does it mean “water-soluble” vitamins and why they must be present in every meal? Discover the answers …

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