Dietary minerals

chemical elements

What are dietary minerals (elements)? Besides four basic elements – hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen from which all organic matters are created – there are chemical elements, which play a highly important role in biochemical and physiological processes of our body. More than 20 chemical elements are required for proper body functioning- this group of chemical elements is called “dietary minerals”. Dietary minerals must be consumed with food or supplements always in appropriate quantity. Shortage or exaggerated consumption may be harmful.

Ca – Calcium
P – Phosphorus
K – Potassium
S – Sulfur
Na – Sodium
Cl – Chlorine
Mg – Magnesium
Fe – Iron
Zn – Zinc
Mn – Manganese
Co – Cobalt
Ni – Nickel
Cu – Copper
Se – Selenium
Br – Bromine
Mo – Molybdenum
I – Iodine
Si – Silicone
V – Vanadium
Li – Lithium
B – Boron
Cr – Chromium
Sr – Stronium
F – Fluorine